What is your project worth ?

Find out the value of a project you are passionate about. Using our implemented algorithms or your own smart contract define a value for contributions and see what the market is ready to pay for it. Invest in community first. We define a mechanism such that money invested can go directly to developers in fact you don’t even need us as middleman. Contribute to developing a sustainable future for us all. A big proportion of the revenue generated through our project is used mainly to invest in upcoming open source projects with a particular aim towards those that advance the sustainable development goals.

  • Check you ideas against the market and eventually earn money for that
  • Buy tokens directly from projects you find promising
  • Sustain a community of developers while indirectly having a greater impact

Our Amazing Team

We strive to foster an environment in which projects can grow.

Sofia Delijaj

Lead Designer

Thomas Maillart

Lead Marketer

Xoeseko Nyomi

Lead Developer

Each one of us brings a unique perspective to this project we interact in an open way and aim towards helping you collaborate in a similar manner towards you projects